8 Ways to Beat the Game Online Sic Bo

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Online casino is a great option beside land based casino. Different kinds of online casino games has many interesting features which it attract bettors to invest much money and time on it. One of advantages is that you can play casino game that it does not offer in land based casino in your town. Sic Bo is an example. It is good to know 8 ways to beat the game online Sic Bo for your chances of winnings.

8 Ways to Beat the Game Online Sic Bo

8 Ways to Beat the Game Online Sic Bo

8 Ways to Beat the Game Online Sic Bo

Understand What Sic Bo is

Sic bo is a popular dice game from China. Even though “Bo” literally means two dices, Sic Bo use three dices to accomplish the game. Sic Bo is a famous casino game in East Asia and Hongkong. Of course, it is hard to find this game on European online casino.

Understand How It Works

Sic Bo is a simple casino game. The main thing to do is placing bet on the outcome number of the dice. You win the game if your wager displays same number with the dice. In other word, the winning is influenced by the outome number of the dice.

Play on Legal Casino

Even though you know the strategy of casino game and some land based casino, playing in legal casino is a crucial step. It will help you to maintain your profit fairly. Moreover, legal online casino will protect your transaction history and private information from any misused activity.

Manage Your Bankroll Efficiently

Whether your intention is making cash or having fun, you need bankroll in playing Sic Bo. Bankroll is a private money which you will use in the game. Manage your bankroll to avoid losing much money.

Wager on Small and Big Bet

One of simple bets is small and big bet. Bettors should predict the total outcome number. Commonly, Small bet starts from 4 to 10 while big starts from 11 to 17. The pay out is 1:1 and the house edge is 2.56 percent. It sounds good option for those who play in safe mode.

Combination Bet Is a Good Option

Even though this bet only provides in some casino, this is an good alternative option in Sic Bo. Bettors should place bet on at least two specific numbers. The reason why it is good option is that this bet offer low house edge, specifically 2.76 percent.

Triple Combination Is a Bad Option

Triple betting is not recommended for those who have intention in making cash. The reason is that you only have small chance in this bet. Only if you predict outcome number on three dice correctly, you win the game. Since this bet have small opportunity, it will absorb money from your wallet quickly.

Set Your Goal

You also need to learn before playing Sic Bo without goal is killing yourself. Learning is a great goal for those who play Sic Bo for the first time. Enjoy your time as the beginner then upgrade your goal to the next level.

Sic Bo is a viable option in making cash. You will gain much cash if you follow the simple tips to know 8 ways to beat the game online Sic Bo above.