Play Different Kinds of Online Casino Games

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Online casino games portray the real casino in land based casino. Therefore, it also provides many different kinds of casino games or even more many. People like to play online casino games because it does not require too much requirement and it is fun and beneficial. The online casino games not only about playing card but there are other kinds of online casino games which use another media. Want to play different kinds of online casino games? Here are some online casino games that you may like.

Play Different Kinds of Online Casino Games

Play Different Kinds of Online Casino Games

Play Different Kinds of Online Casino Games


Slot machines in online casino games are exactly the same like you have experienced in the real casino place. In this game, you need to place a bet and then wait until the number of the slot comes out. Slot is very exciting because the jackpot can be up to millions.

Video Poker

The purpose of video poker game is to collect the most powerful poker hand. The player should place a bet and then the player will deal with five cards. Among those five cards, you have to decide whether you want to hold it or ask for another card.


Blackjack is a classic table game where the object is to draw playing cards with the value is close to 21 or even 21. All the royal cards are worth 10, the Ace worth 1 or 11. When playing blackjack, you will get two cards and you may call for more until you choose to stick with the certain cards.


Known as the king of casino games, this game is purely based on chance only. You will have a wheel with several slots on it, and the slots are numbered. You can place a bet on the number that you think will possibly come up. The dealer is going to spin the wheel and then drop a ball to the wheel, usually silver. Then, the bounces of the ball will get into one of the slots after the wheel stops. That is the winning number. If it is the chosen number, then you will get big prize.


In this game, you will roll a pair of dice and you are required to hit 11 or 7 to win while if you hit 2, 3, or 12 you will lose. However, you and your friends need to place the bet first.


In playing Baccarat, you will draw a card to get a value as close to 9 as possible. You will get two cards and add the value. If the value is 10 or higher than the first digit will be disregarded. The winner is not about who has the good card but where you place the bet. In Baccarat, you have to place a bet either on player or dealer. Besides, you can also bet to the Tie.

Those are 6 games of online casino that you should know before deciding to play different kinds of online casino games. By knowing that, you know exactly what games you are interested in.