Types of Online Slot Machine

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Simplicity and easiness are some reasons why bettors love playing online casino rather than land based casino. Even though it is a simple game, it does not mean that you know every crucial information about it. It is good to know Types of Online Slot Machine. Invest time to read the information below and you will save your bankroll.

Types of Online Slot Machine

Types of Online Slot Machine

Types of Online Slot Machine

Based On Theme of the Game

Interesting theme is one of attributes which attract bettors to play online slot game. Classic slot game use bars and fruits as the main theme on the game. Since online casino has developed rapidly, they develop the interesting and up-to-date theme on slot game.

Popular themes from several popular band, cartoon or even movie are applied to attract many bettors. Other online casino use theme which is based on culture and legend. For example The Journey West. This game is based on Chinese legend story. Of course, online casino will evolve and create great innovation.

Based On Bonus Games

Bonus game are the most interesting attributes in online casino. Bettors will play in online casino which offers exciting bonus game. Moreover, it is not only one or two bonus, but it is beyond that.

Then, online casino does their job to set the bonus and the game itself. Bettors are free to choose one of the symbols and play the game to get the bonus. Bonus game is always the primary attention of bettors.

Free Spins refers to a spin which you do not need to pay for it but it brings the profits in. Unqiely, there are many ways to trigger free spins. Having particular symbols emerges on the reels  is the example. If you get it, you will be awarded particular number of spins.

Scatter Symbols is one of symbol bonus in slot game. It isn’t a secret anymore that you need to line up the symbols in a certain order in this game. However, it does not apply in scatter symbol. This is unique and special symbol in slot game. You will gain much cash and prizes if these symbols emerge wherever the position is. In simple word, they will pay you wherever they are on the reels.

Multiplier symbols is another unique bonus symbol which double your winnings in specific number. For instance, if you get the win and the 2x symbol, automatically your money will be doubled in your bankroll.

Wild symbol is one of interesting slot bonus game. Frankly, this bonus symbol is not a famous bonus compared to scatter symbols and bonus symbols. You will get the payout if you can get it when it appears on the reels. Of course, it replaces with the payout.

RTP or return to play is a good features in slot game. It has a meaning that the long term payback percentage from all money that you spend on the game. Therefore, the bigger RTP is, the higher cash you get.

Sooner or later, online casino takes a role of slot game in land based casino. Understanding Types of Online Slot Machine will help you to gain much cash through it.