Viking Age Slot Game with Extreme Features

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Who wants to be a viking? They are brave people with their big ships and also a lot of fortune. You do not need that kind of ship or clothes. Just sit down and feel like in the real Viking in this Viking Age Slot Game with Extreme Features. You can enjoy the sensation of being viking with their fortune as the jackpot.

Viking Age Slot Game with Extreme Features

Viking Age Slot Game with Extreme Features

Viking Age Slot Game with Extreme Features

  • Basic Features

Just similar to other Betsoft slot game, Viking Age slot is five-reel slot game with 30 paylines. What makes it different is the Viking theme which can be seen not anly from the graphic but also from the symbols which full of Viking life and culture. You can find Viking hero, ship, flag, axe, red-haired Viking girl, wheel, winged-helmet, treasure, rune stone, and old Viking captain as the symbols. The bonus symbol is wrestling arms symbol, make sure that you will keep your eye on it. A winged Viking helmet is the scatter symbol, collect three symbols and you can go to rune stone bonus game where you should help the red-haired Viking girl chooses a symbol and you can get free spins, go to bonus round, or certain amount of money.

Viking Age will not only entertain you in the matter of jackpot, but it also has graphics which are the best among other slot games, smooth, and clear. This game also has 3D technology that means that it will give you an amazing game.

  • Features to Take for Granted

This game will give you a lot of free spins. It may seem just free spin, but these free spins will really valuable for you. Free spins mean that you do not need to pay for certain amount of spins. It will help you to save the money for betting more next time.

Bonus rounds always make the slot game more exciting. Not only that you can have other game beside the slot game, but also you can add more money to your winning jackpot. Viking Age does not only have one bonus but several bonus rounds that absolutely will add your bank roll.

  • How and What to Win

If you want to wind you should follow Amma, the red haired girl who conducts as your host and will swipe you with her pony tail if you are too slow in playing the game. Have three Amma in your payline and it will be multiplier of your free spins winning, it means that your winning in free spins round will be multiplied.

You also should keep your eyes on three or more wrestling arms symbols in your payline. Then you can choose one of the vikings that will do the wrestling game for you, either Elgrim or Erick. If your champion wins, you can get the money for you yourself.

So, are you ready to feel like you are in a real Viking in this Viking Age Slot Game with Extreme Features? Just stay at your comfy sofa and you can play this game all day long. Enjoy the excitement and also the jackpot. Happy betting!